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 Every now and again, I come over all creative and feel the urge to write a song, most of which end up reflecting something of my Christian faith, albeit sometimes in a slightly "oddball" manner.
Music has the power to communicate in the way that nothing else can. Lyrics can inform, encourage, comfort, challenge (or all of these) while the music itself can arouse passion, soothe a troubled soul, or open the way for a message to sneak through. I would love to think that some of my songs achieve this, but sadly, most remain heard by only a few, and far too infrequently.
For this reason, I have decided to make them freely available to anyone who can use them, subject to some reasonable restrictions which are set out below. Broadly speaking, you are free to use them in worship, or for any non-profit purpose that serves to spread the gospel. If anybody feels moved to record any of them (and you can probably do a better job than me) I would be both surprised and delighted.
Keith Miller

Please click on the title to be taken to page containing the full lyrics, and the story behind the song. In many cases you will find either a full recording or a backing track, and/or sheet music in pdf format.
A Harvest HymnWords by the late Geoffrey Etherington, a good friend of Pett Methodists when he was alive. I was asked to set these beautiful words to music.
A PrayerThis tune sort of fell out while I was sitting at the piano, and I always imagined a silky smooth voice speaking over it (perhaps someone like Sean Connery or Brian Blessed ... no, maybe not Brian). I have used it as a setting for extracts from Psalm 39 - one of my favourites - but you could choose your own words.
Amen to thatA light-hearted tribute to my great-grandfather, who was a local preacher in the Methodist Church for over 60 years. The song also charts the changing face of worship and lays down a new challenge.
Bitsa RagAn instrumental piece, comprising odd bits originally intended as songs, which never quite made it.
Bricks and MortarA song about Hollington Methodist Chapel where, as a child, I first learned about Jesus. This song was inspired after the chapel was gutted by fire in 2008.
Final MomentsI tried imagining being in the crowd that witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus.
Fit to BurstOne of my earliest compositions, expressing a new found enthusiasm for Christ.
Food For Thought (or the life and reminiscences of a recently departed and much loved brussel sprout)Not a song, but a poem. There is serious message in here somewhere, but I sometimes wonder quite what planet I was on when I wrote it.
Foolishness1 Corinthians 1: 18. "For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God."
I am JudasIs there any limit to God's capacity to forgive?
I Got Christ (what have you got to shout about?)A catchy song, great for kids (of any age).
In All Things, LoveWritten for my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary. A song about commitment, either between two people, or to God.
It Matters!My testimony in music.
It'll take a little more than that (to really worry me)I suppose you could say that this rock 'n roll number describes my general approach to life. No specific Christian message, but this relentless determination to be joyful in all circumstances clearly comes from somewhere!
I wanna see (the light of Jesus shining down on me)A prayer for the gift of the Holy Spirit. I like to think that God might like to tap his feet whilst listening to prayers, and the rock 'n roll medium makes the prayer no less sincere.
I want to follow JesusPartly inspired by a story entitled "A Tandem Ride With God". It could easily be sub-titled "Be careful what you ask for."
Look for the bestA simple ditty, but containing some excellent advice.
Lord Jesus, think on meWords by Synesius of Cyrene (5th century) set to a new tune by me in 2000. I hope that Synesius would approve.
No strangers hereInspired by a sign outside a pub, but it describes the sort of welcome that should be found in every local church.
Now let us from this table riseA popular hymn by Fred Kaan, but I was never a great fan of the tune that it is normally set to. I (somewhat arrogantly) decided that I could do better.
One more stepAnother new tune, this time to the familiar words of Sydney Carter. Sorry Sydney, I just couldn't stand that tune any longer!
Praise to the KingUnusually for me, this is a hymn which is suitable for congregational singing. A hymn of commitment to Christ, and especially appropriate at a Covenant service.
Square pegIt started out as a blues song, but (sorry, I couldn't help it) a message of hope comes through in the end.
The ChaseA manic piece of instrumental mayhem.
The RansomThe Easter story in music.
To the Promised LandFor anyone who ever felt inadequate. Inspired by Moses and other unlikely heroes of the Bible.
Trust in meA fun song. It isn't quite the story of how I met Jesus ... but it could have been!
Who Are You?A powerful re-telling of the Good Friday story from the viewpoint of an eye witness. If I would like just one of my songs to outlive me, it would be this one.
Who will you serve?Joshua 24: 15

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