Worship in Isolation

During this unprecedented period of restriction on our personal movements and our ability to meet as God's people, we need to find new ways to stay connected ... with each other and with God.  On this page we share a few ideas to help you to do just that, and we pray that God might use this interuption to our normal daily routines to speak to us in new and surprising ways.

To complement this well-loved website, a new Interactive Page has been created where you can leave messages, be they words of encouragement, prayer requests, pictures, local news snippets or other resources. On this page you will also find links to SERVICES AND SHORT REFLECTIONS recorded locally, to be listened to whenever it suits you.

Since the beginning of the restrictions, within a few days of being advised to close the doors of our chapel, Pen Wilcock has been leading weekly devotions via Facebook. If this is a medium with which you are comfortable, you might like to try it. She is continuing to do so every Sunday morning at 10am under the name of The Campfire Church. In the interests of security, it is a private group, so when you land on the page you will need to send a request to join; one of the admins will quickly pick it up. This is to ensure that those taking part are able to share their thoughts and feelings within a safe environment. As Pen puts it, opening it up to the whole world would be rather like attending a housegroup and then finding your private conversations splashed all across the newspapers.

Twelve Baskets produce weekly worship resources for use in church, at home or in small groups. The Vine at Home is a particularly nice one, perfect for a short spiritual top up at any time of the week. Including links to readings and music clips on Youtube, plus prayers and a brief commentary, it probably takes around 20 minutes or so, and is hugely uplifting. Highly recommended. I will try to remember to upload the latest version every week, or you could sign up to their weekly newsletter to receive your own copy.

Of course, there are also plenty of services on TV and on the radio or internet, plus podcasts and other types of media that I've never even heard of. I'm sure you'll be able to find all sorts of stuff (please feel free to share suggestions via our interactive page), but here are a few to get you started.

Sunday Worship on Radio 4, at 8.10am and previous broadcasts available on the internet.
Songs of Praise - BBC1 , Sunday. Times vary - catch up on BBC I-Player.
Spring Harvest - Fresh content every day throughout Easter week on Youtube, and an opportunity to catch up with stuff that you missed.
Methodist Central Hall streams regular services and you can view recent ones on Youtube.
The Methodist Church produces regular podcasts featuring stories from around the world of Christians working to bring Christ's love to their local communties.

If you fancy using your time constructively to explore the Bible, maybe for the first time in any depth, the Bible Project offers an engaging introduction on Youtube. Each clip runs for around 6-8 minutes, and provides a very accessible overview of the whole story in 99 bite-sized chunks. Used as a daily devotional, it would take you right through the Bible in about 3 months and, I suspect, leave you with an appetite to dive in more deeply.

Finally, during the lockdown, Keith has been busy writing songs and re-visiting some old ones. At long last, some of his work is available for the world to view on Youtube. So far, just a few songs have been uploaded, but it is Keith's aim to add to these over the coming weeks. You can find the collection so far at The Music of Keith Miller

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