Who's Who?

Rev Tricia Willams is the minister with responsibility for the pastoral care of the Pett "flock". Following the earlier than expected retirement of our previous minister due to ill health, Tricia sort of "inherited" us ("what a delightful inheritance" I can hear you saying).
With 12 churches to look after, plus a couple of nursing homes and a Methodist school, Tricia is a very busy lady and we don't get to see her very often. However, she is always ready to help when we need her, and is a great encourager.
You can get to know a little about the way Tricia's mind ticks by reading the Superintendent's Message on the Circuit website.
Pett Chapel is blessed with no less than four Worship Leaders, and Keith Miller is one of them. Our resident musician, audio - visual technician, website designer and occasional song-writer. Click here for more about his creative output. Keith is also our church treasurer. In his spare time, Keith is also a keen thespian and Chair of the Fairlight Players .
 Amy Shortman stepped into the breach to serve as our Church Council Secretary when Betty Snow and husband Derek moved out of the area. Amy's unenviable task is to try to keep us all in order, and she is the person to ask if you want to know what is happening.
More than just a Worship Leader, Wendy Hatch is one lady who is not afraid to put her faith into action. After hearing of work of the Mashudu project, she spent three weeks working for the project in South Africa.  Click here to read of her adventures . She also leads our work with young people, both at our growing Sunday Club, and having a leading role in the Activate Youth Club in Fairlight.
David Shortman, along with wife, Carol, and daugher Amy became members at Pett on Christmas Day, 2011. David very soon became actively involved in the life of the church, being appointed as a Church Steward in May 2012, and subsequently an accredited Worship Leader. He now serves as Senior Steward, which means that if anything goes wrong, it's his fault.
Ken Hatch is best known for being married to Wendy, but he can be pretty useful in his own right, and is currently serving another term as a Church Steward. Blessed with an unfailingly optimistic nature and a sense of humour to match, he also plays a mean guitar.
Philippa Read is our fourth Worship Leader, using her talents mostly in her work with the children (perhaps largely because she is responsible for producing three of them). She is also the latest recruit to our team of Church Stewards.
The above are the current "office bearers" within the church. It would be unfair to select others to feature on this page as that might give the impression that some are valued more highly than others. That is, most assuredly, not the case. Like many families, we also have many friends, former members and regular visitors, spread far and wide, and now, by the wonders of technology, this website offers the opportunity to keep in touch. Check out the section entitled "Old Friends" to meet some of them.

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