This page contains links to a number of external websites that one or more of our members have found helpful. We have no control over the content of any of these sites, but believe that you will be blessed by them.

The Methodist Church - the prayer page on the website of the Methodist Church is updated daily. Why not set it as your browser's default homepage to ensure that you get a quick dose of spiritual food every time you go on line?

Sacred Space - "does exactly what it says on the tin". This site is run by Irish Jesuits and is probably one of the most peaceful places in the whole of cyber-space.

Praying Each Day - A new prayer and something to think about for every day of the year, plus links to many more resources. Great if you are searching for something specific.

The Vine at Home - Originally a "thought for the day" resource, The Vine developed during the early part of the Coronavirus pandemic to provide an alternative form of worship while most churches were forced to close. It now provides a weekly service sheet, suitable for use either at home or in small groups. 

If you experience any difficulty with these links, or if you would like to suggest a website that you have found helpful, please contact us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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