What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? (James ch2, v14)

The Mission Statement of the Methodist Church emphasises the need to combine worship with learning, acts of service, and evangelism. None of these are of any use in isolation, and we need to strive for a proper balance of all four. Worship is the subject of a previous page. The other three headings can be usefully mentioned together, since they often overlap. For instance, it is frequently through acts of service that evangelism can take place. Evangelism and learning are also closely linked as we seek to share with others what we have learned. And as we continue to learn, and strive to grow in likeness to Jesus, a desire to serve others will be a natural consequence. Of course, we have to acknowledge our limitations. Being relatively small in number, we can't do everything (and you wouldn't believe me if I suggested that we do). Our members contribute individually to the community in many ways, but the following examples show areas of work in which we are actively engaged, or which we actively support, together as a church. Click on any of the links for more information.

The JAFFA Club is an After School Club for Years 3 to 6 meeting every Tuesday (term time) at Guestling Bradshaw CE School. Set up jointly with our Anglican friends, the club was run for several years by our own team of volunteers, but is now led by CSWH, Christian Schools Workers Hastings.
For many years, Pett Methodists have supported the work of Methodist Missions and its many and varied projects both in this country and abroad.
At various times of the year, we hold events or collect money to support various charities. Some that we try to support on a regular basis are; Christian Aid - we add our weight to the local campaign co-ordinated by the Anglicans to support this international charity which brings relief to people suffering from poverty and injustice around the world. Farm Africa - Local farmer Tim Jury works hard to promote and support the work of this charity which provided the means, skills and tools to enable  African farmers to become self-supporting. Inspired by Tim's passion, we provide what extra financial support we can.
Finally, our annual Sea Sunday service provides not only a collection for Missions To Seafarers, but also demonstrates our appreciation of the important work of the RNLI and, more specifically, the members of  our local Pett Level Rescue Boat Association.
Mashudu Project - Under the guidance of its founder and director, Linda Mannas, the Mashudu Project provides friendship and practical support to the people of Messina, a village in a remote corner of Limpopo Province, South Africa. Click here to find out more about the work of the organisation, or here for Wendy's special report following a three week visit to the project.

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