New Beginnings Pett Pots (previously Barden's Forge) demolished circa 2000

These Bible Christians in Pett, it is believed, originally worshipped in Barden’s Forge. As time went by they began to grow in numbers and were able to find the resources to build their own place of worship. The chapel here in Pett was completed and opened in 1848. It was known then as the Mount Calvary Bible Christian Chapel, as can be seen on the engraved stone over the original front door.

Pett Chapel circa 1890


Not much is known about those early days. The original church building is now used as the church hall, alongside the more modern building.

Extract from original deeds

The plot, measuring eleven and a half ‘perches’, was purchased on 30th May 1848 for the sum of 10. The original trustees were George and Richard Griffen, Thomas and Spencer Davis, Charles Beeching, William Cloke and James Foster, who could not sign his Extract from deeds, showing the name, but made his mark with the sign of the cross. The chapel was registered as a place of dissenting worship at Lewes on 7th March 1849.

In 1907, the Bible Christian denomination was merged into the United Methodist Church.

Teetotalism in Pett

Ahead of the merger, new trustees were appointed at a special meeting on 8th May 1906, as every one of the 1848 trustees had died. One of the new trustees was Richard Scrase Moon, who was described as a Temperance Hotel Keeper. This reflects the power of the local squires, the Shadwell family, who were able to impose their temperance principles on the entire village.

The former Temperance Hotel now known as the Royal Oak, in Pett Village The hotel in question is now the Royal Oak Inn, where children once went to buy sweets. To enjoy a pint in those days, villagers had to trek down to Pett Level.


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