The Post-War Years

After the World Wars, the nature of the village gradually changed to become a dormitory and residential centre. This was reflected in the life of the church. New trustees in 1949 were mainly people from elsewhere in the local Methodist circuit.

Nevertheless, the 1950s saw expansion at Pett. A plot of land Plan show plot given for church extension. Note how plain this drawing is compared to the beautifully illustrated plan on the earlier deeds. next to the old building was bequeathed to the church, along with a donation of 50 for an extension fund. Since the plot included a well, arrangements had to be made for a new water supply to the neighbouring property.

Initial plans for a new schoolroom costing 1000 soon became plans for a new chapel with a budget of 2500. Grants from the circuit and the Rank Trust, along with local fund-raising, helped achieve the target. The old building was retiled to match the new, and the cost of seating was reduced by transferring some of the pews from the original chapel. To meet the budget, however, one small sacrifice had to be made: the new church is three feet six inches shorter than originally planned. An opening service took place at 4.00pm on Wednesday, 29th AugustProgramme ffrom the Opening Service of the new extension (our current chapel) dated Wednesday 29th August 1956. 1956.

Church outing circa 1960

Sunday School circa 1960s


As more people moved into the village and began attending the church, the 1960s saw further building work. A new schoolroom was added to the north side of the premises, at a cost of 1400. The opening and dedication took place on Saturday, 25th January 1969. Even with this addition, during the 1970s the lively junior church filled every room in the building!


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