A New Millennium

As with so many churches, numbers continued to fluctuate at Pett, falling very low by the mid-1980s when the chapel’s future seemed almost certain to be closure.

Pentecost service circa 1997

Since then, membership has continued to rise and fall, with an overall positive trend. While several village chapels (and even larger town churches) have closed over the last few years, Pett continues to offer a place of welcome and sanctuary and, hopefully a beacon of hope and joy within the community.

Renovating the churchyard 1997

Since the early days, Pett Methodist has been a church with a missionary vision, and that hasn’t changed. In 2023, we will celebrate the chapel’s 175th anniversary. We are not celebrating the fact that the building has held together for so many years, but the vision of those who built it, and the faith of those who have worshipped, and continue to worship there over the years.

Christian rock group Skellig helped us to celebrate our 150th anniversary in 1998

We hope you have found the history of our church interesting. To learn more about Pett Methodist Church and what we are getting up to in the 21st Century, please take a look at the rest of our website.


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